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About Me

Here is a photo of me taken with our 1969 funny car at the National Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY 2 or 3 years ago. When we quit racing in 1972 because we could not find a sponsor, Jim Kirby parked the car in his father’s garage where it spent the next 25 years. Bill Porterfield in Michigan bought the car and restored it. He fired it up for me on 90% nitro. It sure was good to hear that old motor run again. At one point in ’69 it was the second quickest Chevy funny car in the nation.
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Gear Heads are lost in a labor of Love! A love of Gears, Machines, Horsepower and Torque.
Remember “The Beast” and a younger John Martin!
From the Tiger Update 4/7/2013 Bob Poinsett '58 (Union, MO) Encore, please. Kindly post past mystery pix of John Martin ('58)....and "The Beast." I remember sitting behind John in Mr. Ueleke's physic class. This class had some really smart students: In addition to John there were Bob Tooke, Ted Lear, Wayne Boswell, Dan Golightly (I believe) and others. What amazed me, John spend considerable time drawing sketches of automobiles during lectures and discussions. Though seeming inattentive, John always scored high on Mr. Ueleke's tests....I saw his scores!!! John, I always admired your "smarts." Unfortunately, I never got to ride in "The Beast." However, I frequently rode in another "cool car" ..... Gary Mabrey's ('58) black Mercury.